The Create With Colour challenge has TikTok fashionistas stepping out in bold looks

Every week there’s another TikTok challenge keeping fashionistas on their toes.

Those who love showing off their entire oh so trendy wardrobe with multiple outfit changes and their clever editing skills, these challenges are what they live for.

Right now it’s the #CreateWithColour that sees TikTok users transition from one bold colour outfit to another using the original sound from fashion blogger Kaylakimkay as inspiration.

Recognizable by her funky blonde fro this high energy TikTok sensation has a strong following of 225k and her posts likes is currently on 8.9 million.

Kayla, who uses the catch phase “My Hunays” to welcome her followers often wears bright and trendy outfits on her videos so it’s no wonder that her Create With Colour challenge has taken off.

A quick look at her grid you’d immediately notice that she does have a soft spot for the colour pink hence the opening like of the voice over being, “so by now you all know my favourite is pink”.

So the challenge stars with the colour pink and the outfits change to match the following colours she mentions.

The sequence goes from pink to red followed by orange then purple is.