Exposing your little one to these kind of options are great

Educating your kids on the ins and outs of how to dress themselves physically is one thing, but teaching them how to do it stylishly is a matter all on its own.

While we know that letting kids express themselves is essential, whether they have no interest in the outfit you’ve chosen, or they insist on wearing their sequined glitter t-shirt to pre-school, as a parent or guardian you should encourage them to follow their interests wholeheartedly. Help nurture your child in developing their style and help grow their confidence and independence with these simple tips.

Girls leggings

Dress to express

Done the right way, mixing colours and patterns can be cute when it comes to kids’ fashion. Instead of pairing a glitter print tee with their favourite leggings, encourage them to play around with different colours and patterns to create an outfit that’s adorable and unique to their style and personality.

Glitter t-shirts

One of the best things about the fashion industry is that it offers so much versatility. Whether it’s trends or aesthetics, having so many options allows them to test the waters and experiment with different looks and hopefully find one they’ll love. Exposing your little one to these kinds of options are great because you’ll be giving them a sense of freedom to choose what they would like to wear.

Explore and support their interest

With so many child bloggers taking social media by storm, it’s safe to say that kids are just as capable of having an ‘Insta’ worthy sense of style. Unlike millennials, kids these days are exposed to media and entertainment from an early age. While it may pose potential risks, kids can explore and interact with fashion content they may find of interest under parental supervision.

Printed t-shirts

Whether they’re into printed t-shirts, graphic sweatshirts, or your standard character inspired items; if they’re keen on wearing it, there’s no harm in letting them explore their interest in the fashion department. Sure, it may be tricky, especially if the outfit doesn’t match, but it will do so much good in boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Dressing up isn’t just for parties

Who said that you have to dress up only on special occasions? When it comes to dressing up your kids, there’s no point in saving their fanciest clothes for birthday parties or other special events. Since they’ll be growing out of them quickly, it’s best to get the most wear out of them as much as they can.

Encourage them to wear their best; you never know their fanciest clothes might be their favourite outfit they enjoy wearing. So let them wear their collared shirts, jeans and sweatshirts or tiered denim dresses and tunics and just let them be in the moment. Even if it means letting your kids play outside, at the end of the day, most of the clothes can be washed and will be grown out of eventually.

Tiered denim dress.

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