Old Mutual Launches Brand Campaign

Rita Boateng

OLD MUTUAL Ghana, arguably Ghana’s most innovative insurance company, has launched a brand campaign dubbed ‘Be Inspired by the Future.’

This campaign seeks to encourage Ghanaians to have an optimistic outlook and be motivated in all ways by the future.

As an insurance company noted for doing great things, Old Mutual Ghana has taken up the mandate to motivate its stakeholders and Ghanaians at large, to not let events of recent times shatter their hope for the future.

The company is beckoning Ghanaians to instead be firm and embrace the future.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Be Inspired by the Future,’ Rita Boateng, Head of Marketing and Operations at Old Mutual Ghana said, “Since its inception, Old Mutual has supported individuals, businesses and communities in many diverse ways across the continent. At Old Mutual, we believe in the dreams of the Ghanaian. We believe in their quest for a better tomorrow. We want to grow with them in this critical time. We are asking Ghanaians not to lose hope but rather ‘Be Inspired by the Future’, as they have a partner who genuinely cares and wants to be by their side – Old Mutual Ghana.”

”Whether you have been putting off buying insurance for years or it has suddenly hit your radar, there is never a bad time to make a financial plan. We are readily available to partner with you to give you a purposeful life and future. We will achieve this feat by repeatedly demonstrating our over 175-year-old purpose – to be a certain friend in uncertain times. Our commitment to support customers and stakeholders across Africa remain unshaken. We want to be your partner for a better future,” Ms. Boateng added.

She continued that, “Sharing your hopes with Old Mutual Ghana means you are supported not only to dream of exciting things, but also to make these things happen. We will help you grow your wealth, manage risks, and keep your family at ease with our range of policies. Enrolling on our pension scheme is a sure way to ensure your future is compact and stress free.”

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