Church member “mistakenly” sends p0rn to church WhatsApp group; members descend on him » ™

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A church member who mistakenly sent explicit sexual content into his church’s WhatsApp has been held to account for his misdeed.

Rudolph was hot when he mistakenly, as he claims, sent a sex tape into a WhatsApp that was crated for the “saints”.

How could a church member have such a video on his phone in the first place? That is the question these Christians were asking themselves after the video hit the group.

Captioning the video “Mood”, brother Rudolph had to apologize with the explanation that he was not responsible for the sending of such an “unholy” content into a sacred group.

According to him, someone took his phone and did that. Members descended on him and the Head Pastor was completely aghast.

Lol! Remember this happened in Ghana.

Check Out Screenshots Below:



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