Berry Ladies CEO commends team for superb performance in Women’s League

Sports News of Saturday, 5 June 2021



Chief Executive Officer for Berry ladies, Dr Gifty Osei Oware

Chief Executive Officer for Berry ladies, Dr Gifty Osei Oware has commended the players for their consistent and outstanding performance in the ongoing Women’s Premier League.

In their maiden season in the league, Berry Ladies have exceeded expectation and currently occupy the second spot on the league table.

Speaking in an interview with Happy FM, Gift Oware intimated that, their dreams and ambition of establishing Berry ladies have come to pass.

“Our fulfillment was to impact the young ladies’ life, for instance, some of our players are studying at the university. The rest of the players are also learning on a job to achieve their dreams that are our major points.

“We want to change the narrative of how society has thought of women footballers. So that, in the end, they will not be discriminated against and also restore discipline in them. We aim to generate this into them and so far we were able to attain all these. The rest of the teams will testify that on and off the field our player’s attitudes are different”.

“No Berry player will complain about the referee’s decision or insult officials. These are some of the attitudes we want to restore in the players. Women can play football, but they have to remember that after football they have families to protect. Nevertheless, these ladies have understood the concept”.

And I think so far we have done well and this is our first time testing the Women’s Premier League. If we can battle for the second spot in the league, I think we are not disappointed. She noted.