Buddy Roro recounts how he had a close shave with death on several occasions

• Buddy Roro has been sick for years

• He revealed in an interview that he once had a cardiac arrest during a performance in Kumasi

• Despite the numerous challenges that came his way, God saved him from the shackles of his enemies

producer and sound engineer Buddy Roro has said he narrowly escaped from death on several occasions, stressing that it was a miracle he survived.

Roro, the only brother of music producer Morris Babyface made this revelation in an interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’. According to the soft-spoken born-again Christian, one of the incidents was in 2016 after a studio session.

“Nana Addo [then flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party] was fifth on the ballot paper; Lumba and I were to do a song for him titled ‘Hi 5’. I closed from the studio; I was just going home but some things had happened in the studio that I wouldn’t want to talk about. On my way home, I heard a voice telling me I was going to die.

“My wife was with her mum because she had just given birth. I was forced to go and pick her. I don’t know what came over me that day but I believe it’s all from God. I just felt something leaving my body while I was driving.

“I told my wife that something is happening to me. I parked, she got me some water and I regained consciousness. We drove straight to the hospital, they checked my BP and stuff and was told everything was intact,” he recounted, adding that he was on admission at a number of hospitals afterwards.

The second encounter, Roro said, was in January 2017 when he went to Kumasi with his band to play a gig for Daddy Lumba.

“21st of January 2017, that is the day I’ll never forget in my life,” Roro proclaimed. “I had a strong heart attack on stage. I was like a manager to Daddy Lumba because I was in charge of some of his gigs. We had just released his album ‘Enkoden’ and that was our first show in Kumasi. It was serious. I had a cardiac arrest on stage while performing and I heard the voice again saying I was going to die.”

Roro, however, mentioned that although Lumba cried and promised to hand him over to his [Lumba’s] doctor upon their return to Accra, that never materialized.

“When he left me and came back to Accra, it’s been three years now and I’ve never heard from him. I have all his works and I don’t know why,” he remarked.

He also mentioned that he was involved in “terrible accidents” some years ago.

According to Roro, he is convinced that these incidents were God’s way of drawing him closer. He however emphasized that God revealed to him the evil persons around him, cautioning that there are some sheep in a wolf’s skin.

“Some of the people we walk around with are wicked. They don’t mind using you for sacrifice just so they prosper,” he asseverated.

Watch the interview below.