Fixthecountry: Our campaign not targeted at NPP alone

Benjamin Darko is one of the Conveners of the #Fixthecountry Campaign

One of the Conveners of the #Fixthecountry Campaign, Benjamin Darko says their agenda is not only to criticise the New Patriotic Party (NPP)-Government but all successive governments that have failed the country over the years.

According to him, for 28 years, successive governments have failed to fulfil their campaign promises and have left the country in its current state, hence the need to make them more accountable.

The #FixTheCountry campaign, which started on the microblogging site, Twitter had some unhappy Ghanaians venting their displeasure over what many describe as a failure on the part of successive governments to improve the lives of the citizenry.

Conveners of the campaign who planned to go on a demonstration on May 9, 2021 notified the police for protection but their request was not granted.

The police stated that because the ban on mass gathering due to the covid-19 pandemic has not been lifted, it cannot allow the demonstration to take place.

Speaking on Atinka TV’s morning show, Ghana Nie, hosted by Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu, Benjamin Darko said if politicians are to achieve at least 50 percent of their promises, the nation would have been far better.

“We are asking for honesty, We are saying that when they promise us orange, they should not bring us tangerines, we do not like that. We, the youth realise that being partisan does not help anyone. If we put aside party issues and focus on the national agenda, Ghana will grow and so we decided to be the third force that is going to drag the government to do the right thing that benefits the common citizen,” he said.

When asked why now, Benjamin Darko said, “When you read our documents, you realise that it is not just referring to this particular government.

Although he wont say the NPP-Government is the worst, he said the stories have been the same with previous governments and demanded a paradigm shift.