Let’s Guide & Support Them- Lydia Forson On A Competent Person Taking Over #FixTheCountry Protest

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Recall GhGossip.com yesterday made a post about a Twitter user who suggested for a competent person who is in support of the ideas of the #FixTheCountry movement to take over from the current leadership of the movement as they lack the eloquence and the ability to see the movement through.

He added that although social media influencers like Kaly Jay started this whole hashtag on Twitter, it has gotten to a point where a competent person should be allowed to steer the affairs of the movement as the current leadership lack the resources and the ability to move the movement first.

The #FixTheCountryNow is a legitimate campaign with the right intent to drive better living standards in the country. However, the poster boy for the campaign isn’t well equipped to put forward, discuss or debate any proper issue/solution. A competent person should take over

Otherwise, anyone who’s against the campaign or who’s in favor of the current government at the expense of this campaign will have an easy entry point tk crumble this campaign. Don’t put these boys on TV. They don’t have the eloquence, confidence or knowledge to discuss issues

Ms Lydia Forson reacting to the tweet from the fan’s suggestion stated that although its a very good suggestion but not all movement requires the ability and the strategies the fan is requesting for.

She added that what the leadership of the movement has done with just a hashtag is so great that the ‘so called’ experts couldn’t do it.

She advised that this is their movement and the way and everything shows its working for them, so Ghanaians need to guide and support them.

I get the point you’re trying to make BUT not all movements require these strategies. What they’ve done with just a hashtag is something even the experts haven’t been able to. This is their movement, their way and it’s working , let’s just guide and support.

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com