Charlotte Osei shares rare photo of her mother

Charlotte Osei

Former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Charlotte Osei, has shared a rare photo with her mother Charlotte Kesson.

The photo has the former EC boss posing with her mother at a gathering which looks like a funeral.

In the photo, Mrs Osei is seen dressed in a black dress with white flower-like designs in it.

The mother, on the other hand, wore a black and white ‘kaba and slit’ ( in mourning cloth style).

The mother and daughter were full of smiles while they held each other to pose for the picture.


Sharing the photo on her Instagram page, Mrs Osei announced they were both Charlotte Kesson.

She also asked her followers to guess the combined number of years she and her mother had spent on earth.

While many people made many guesses, the former EC boss indicated that nobody had got the answer right.

She indicated her combined age with that of her mother is 138 years, 11 months. “Charlotte Kesson I & Charlotte Kesson II. Can anyone guess our combined ages? No right answers!!! Correct answer is 138.11 .”

By her answer and judging from the fact that she celebrated her 52nd birthday in February, the mother must be 86 years old now.