Letshego Africa Engages Mariam Agyeman-Buahin

Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin

LETSHEGO AFRICA has appointed Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin as the Letshego Group’s Head of Digital Marketing.

She will be responsible for crafting, ideating and executing the marketing strategy for Letshego’s LetsGo digital platform, set to catapult the group towards its vision to become a world-class retail financial institution, and improving the lives of its customers across sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to Letshego, Mariam was employed by Standard Chartered Ghana.  She joined the international banking group in September 2016 as Country Manager for Brand, Marketing and Sponsorship, before being promoted to her latest role in the Retail Banking division as Head of Digital Banking and Financial Inclusion and Corporate Partnerships.  Prior to banking, Mariam made her creative mark in the telecom’s sector as Vodafone Ghana’s Head of Brand Engagement and Sponsorship. As a fireball marketer, Mariam has developed and implemented novel marketing concepts through digital and experiential channels to connect with diverse customer segments.

Mariam’s core strengths are Brand Management, Digital & Experiential Marketing, Marketing Communication and Concept Development.

“We are delighted to have Mariam on board, and already inspired by her passion and energy to ignite the hearts and minds of customers and communities with Letshego’s digital offering.  With its dynamic economic growth trajectory, and rapid in-roads into global digital trends, Ghana is not only an important market in Letshego’s regional footprint, but also a valued source of talent for the Letshego Group at large,” commented Chipiliro Katundu, Letshego’s Group Chief of Products.

Letshego Ghana, a subsidiary of Letshego Group, has more than demonstrated its strategic and potential value to the group, with a cumulative aggregated growth of 600% over the last five years, more than tripling its proportion of profit before tax in the same period.

Andrew Fening Okai, Letshego’s Group Chief Executive, added, “Mariam’s unique talents have been evident throughout her career, and she is already adding value since joining Letshego. She joins us at an incredibly pivotal phase for the group, and we are pleased to welcome her to our Letshego family.”