‘You Need An Insight-Driven Preparation In Order To Get Your Works Beyond Borders’

The CEO of 3Music, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has suggested that without the required preparation you can’t move your musical works beyond the shores of Ghana.

The renowned music executive made this known in a recent submission on the popular Ghanaian radio station, Hitz FM.

He was sharing his thoughts on the topic, ‘How can works of a Ghanaian creative go beyond the shores of Ghana/Africa? The main focus is the works we are doing now; how can we make it better and what’s the best way to get it across borders?’, when he made these comments.

In his submission, he said;

“You need an insight-driven preparation in order to get your works beyond borders. Lately, we are all realizing looking into the insights that, the “diasporan” audience are looking at consuming the content from here.

Today, technology is making it easier for you to tap into the secondary audience. You can reach global by doing same things you keep doing – you’d produce content that is below par.

It always start from your local market, you need to be able to energize the brand and if you are a talent, it depends on the efforts you put in to ensure that it goes beyond your country.

The Kumericans leveraged on the conversations held on social media. The Kumericans need to begin to think of how to scale up – how to move on. And that is the difficult part and they’d need the insight, people who have a level of superior knowledge, money.

It’s likely that when you start up, you cannot afford a legal person, that’s where the DIY comes in. Therefore, you’d have to learn and read a lot surrounding that topic a lot.”