‘It’s Tough Being A Celebrity’- Gyakie Says

Gyakie has said in a new interview on Kastle FM that being a celebrity is tough because she could no longer do the things she used to do without attracting so much attention and scrutiny.

She even said she can no longer buy her favourite food by the roadside in her area because of her status now, something she used to do with ease before her rise to stardom.

In an interview with Kastle FM, Gyakie said there is a woman who sells the popular Ghanaian delicacy in her vicinity but due to her celebrity status she can no longer go there to patronize it. “There is this woman in my neighborhood who sells fried plantain and beans and it is one food that I really like apart from fufu but these days I can no longer go there to buy, she revealed.

“Because if I go there to buy and I meet about 50 people there I would wait till they all finish buying before it gets to my turn but now I can’t go again she told the host.

Gyakie added “Besides I’m the type that if we order for food I like to see the food and choose my choice but now I can’t do that. Nowadays, when you’re walking in town you have to check yourself because someone can put a camera on you unknowingly.

“When you’re outside you have to be conscious about everything that you are doing. I would say that celebrity status is a bit tough because I used to a normal person” she explained “But right now everyone wants to see what’s going in your life. I mean I wouldn’t say it’s all negative but there’s also a positive side but sometimes it’s a bit tough” she ended on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com