Pope Skinny is a big-time gay – Gay member reveals

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Self-styled Gay President has lashed out an attack on Akuapem rapper Pope Skinny is gay.

The issue of gay is currently trending in the country and a lot of people has shared their views on the matter.

While some netizens are kicking against them others are also throwing their support for them.

Pope Skinny yesterday decided to add his voice to the trending issue by telling Ghanaians not to accept the LGBTQ community in the country since its evil.

The musician crossed the line by mentioning the name of late sensation Ebony Reigns as a lesbian and was killed by the gods.

His comment has attracted a lot of revelation from the self-styled gay president who claims Pope Skinny is a serious gay.

According to him, Pope Skinny has always been going to the EPO’s Night club which is a known place for gays.

He went on to alleged that he has photo of Pope Skinny kissing his gay partner in his secret bedroom.

The self-styled President went forward to claim that it’s his affiliation with gays that made him travel to the United States where he is still practicing the act he is condemning openly on social media.

Watch video of the gay dropping keys on Pope Skinny.

In other news, Starboy Kwarteng has also vowed to take legal actions against Pope Skinny over his defamation statement against his daughter Ebony.