Check out how many students were disqualified for schools placement

School placement last year

Some 41,359 students, who wrote the Basic Examination Certificate Exam (BECE), were disqualified for school placement.

Mark Sasu Mensah, the National Coordinator for the Computerised School Selection and Placement System, said the affected students were disqualified on grounds that they had incomplete results.

“Either you failed or had grade nine in any of the core subjects, especially in English and Mathematics,” Mr Mensah explained.

His comment comes on the back of the release of school placements for students who wrote the BECE and are hoping to enter into various Senior High Schools.


However, some students could not meet the criteria, thus, they could not be placed either in schools of their choices or in any school at all.

Mr Mensah further explained that students who registered for all subjects but could not sit to write all of them, especially Mathematics and English language were also disqualified.

Giving a further breakdown of the figures, he said “out of a total number of 523,933 [students] that we worked with, 31,308 [which represents 68.65%] qualified for automatic placement.”

This means that such persons had one of the five schools he/she selected.

Some 151,000 students on the other hand could not get any of the five schools they selected, therefore, would undergo self-placement.