Funny Face’s stay at the psychiatric hospital extended by a month

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Comic actor Funny Face who was weeks ago sent to the psychiatric hospital by a court for two weeks is now expected to spend one month in addition.

Funny Face who has been battling with some mental issue for months now and his fight with the Ghana police following his arrest and subsiquent detention was to appear before court today for the second time.

The actor failed to show up for his court sitting which prompted the Judge to find out why he failed to show up at the court.

According to a report filed by UTV, the prosecuter handling the case told the court Funny Face was not too good to appear before the court today.

It explained that the doctors of the psychiatric hospital has written to inform them that he is not fit to be in court.

The explaination from the prosecutor informed the courts decision to increase his stay at the psychiatric hospittal for extra one month for him to get better.