Jane Fonda says she never wants to get married again

By Bang Showbiz 17h ago

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Jane Fonda isn’t interested in getting married again. The 83-year-old actress has been married three times – to Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden, and Ted Turner – and has joked a “successful marriage” is the only thing she is yet to achieve in her lifetime.

However, Jane also admitted she doesn’t “want to” mark off the achievement, as she has no intention of walking down the aisle for the fourth time.

When asked by Page Six if there’s anything she hasn’t yet accomplished that she still wants to do, she said: “I’ll tell you something that I haven’t achieved, which is a successful marriage.

“But the second part of your question is, ‘Do you want to?’ I don’t want to. See I live by myself. I don’t have any guy who doesn’t want a woman who is willing to be angry and who doesn’t want a woman who is willing to be angry and stand up.

“I’m not threatening anybody. I can watch whatever I want on TV. So I don’t ever want to be married again. But it’s something I wish I’d been better at.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Grace and Frankie’ star recently said she doesn’t get intimate anymore as she’s “had so much of it” and quipped things have “frozen over” for her.

Asked if she’s still having “crazy sex”, she revealed: “No, zero. I don’t have time. I’m old and I’ve had so much of it, I don’t need it right now because I’m too busy. My favourite ex-husband Ted Turner, he always said, if you wait too long, it froze over. I think he’s right! I couldn’t have sex again even if I wanted to.”

And Jane also insisted she “didn’t know” how to make a marriage work.

She said: “Those of us who had parents who stayed married their whole lives have a much easier job of making relationships work. My dad was married five times.

“I didn’t know how to make a marriage work. Maybe I was afraid of having a marriage work.

“I don’t know … It’s beautiful when it works, when people grow together and are together for an entire lifetime. How wonderful.

““I wish that I could have experienced that. I’m missing something that would make a marriage work.

““I don’t spend a lot of time regretting the fact I didn’t have one long marriage. I had three very nice, interesting marriages and I’m grateful for that.”