I’m No More A Producer, I’m Bread Seller And That’s My Focus For Now

The Last Two Group CEO Hammer has revealed that he is no longer a music producer.

The multi-award-winning producer, known for grooming some of Ghana’s best musicians, said that he could commit to music and his bread business.

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Speaking exclusively with Rainbow FM, he said that he is now dedicating his full time to his bread business.

Hammer told the presenter that he is no longer active in music because he does not have time to combine music and the bread business.

According to him, A1 Bread has a significant market share in the country, so its services are in demand day and night and “that’s why I don’t have time to combine music and business.”

“ for me is emotional. When I make music, I invest all the time and emotion. for me is emotional. I can’t combine the two. Either I fully commit to music or something else. I put everything inside, is not easy.”

“That’s me. I use music to express my feelings. I can’t do it part-time. I’m either making music or I’m selling bread. I can’t sell bread and make music.”