Begoro Salvation Army Clinic appeals for OPD expansion after Rehab centre receive support

Salvation Army Clinic and Rehabilitation Center at Begoro in Fanteakwa North District of the Eastern Region has received support after Starr News report on the plight of the facilities.

Starr News reported about infrastructural and logistical challenges faced Begoro Rehabilitation Center in particular due to dwindled foreign aides the facility used to depend on. This was made known when a philanthropist admitted a cerebral palsy child at the facility after Starr News publication on the harrowing living condition of the child.

Begoro Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centre is one of the very few Rehab centres in Ghana which provides subsidized Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to persons with varied disabilities particularly for the poor who are economically disadvantaged and whose access to other sources of healthcare is restricted.

The distressing financial challenges affected its quest of providing assistive devices such as white canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, surgery support among others in a highly subsidized cost for children with disability enrolled at the facility.

Owing to this ,the Association of Begoro citizens in the United Kingdom has mobilized resources to renovate and both Salvation Army Clinic and the Rehabilitation Center located on same compound having donated medical equipment such as scan machine, medicines, clutches and food items to the facilities.

The Secretary of the Association of Begoro citizens in the United Kingdom, Mr Dan Oware said the Begoro Salvation Army Clinic and Rehab center continue to play crucial roles in healthcare delivery in the area hence the support for more sustainable and improved quality healthcare.

“Just before Christmas we made some donations of provision, food and Medical consumables . We decided to rehabilitate all the blocks including the Rehabilitation center and gravel the compound “.

Management of the Salvation Army Clinic commended the kind gesture of the association but also appealed support to expand the clinic’s Out-Patient Department (OPD) to help increase its current capacity less than 15 patients at a time to meet the high OPD attendance.

The administrator of the clinic, Mr Paul Bamfo told Starr news “this is a facility which is over 70 years old , space is one of our biggest challenges because it was built to serve smaller population at the time but if you look at the size of Begoro and its environs now and the number of people accessing this facility so the space in this OPD can accommodate less than 15 beds so space for clients on admission, those detained and even for the staff to work in is one of the challenges. on our own we’ve been able to work on the maternity ward what we are looking out now is to put up an OPD which will be able to help us serve the Community and serve them well ”

Nana Atto Hyford- Administrator for the Begro Rehabilitation Centre called on Government increase the share of the common fund to persons with disabilities to enable disable children be enrolled in rehabilitation centres and get the full complement of their assistive devices. He also urged government to expand National Health Insurance Scheme to cover physiotherapy services to help provide care for children in need.


Source: Ghana/ Ansah