Lady Gaga’s father says her family feels ’sick’ over the theft of two of the star’s dogs

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Lady Gaga’s father says her family feels “sick” over the theft of two of the star’s dogs, which were stolen after robbers shot her dog walker four times in the chest.

The “Shallow”” hitmaker had two of her three French bulldogs stolen by thieves on Wednesday when her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot four times in the chest whilst walking all three dogs, Koji, Gustavo, and Miss Asia.

And now, Gaga’s father Joe Germanotta has described the situation as “really horrible”, and claimed the whole family are devastated over the news.

He said: “We’re just sick over it, it’s really horrible. It’s like someone took one of your kids.”

Joe also said he’s been in touch with Gaga, who is currently in Italy, to try and help her stay calm.

Sharing the advice he gave his daughter, he added to The New York Post: “Just try to be strong and remember that they’re together. They’re comforting each other.”

Gaga is offering a $500 000 reward to anyone who can safely return her two dogs to her, with her representative claiming she will give the money “to anyone who has her dogs, no questions asked”.

The theft occurred on Wednesday night when Ryan, 30, was out walking Gaga’s three dogs in West Hollywood and was attacked by two men, who shot him four times in the chest before making off with Koji and Gustavo.

Gaga’s third pooch, Miss Asia, ran away from the scene and has since been recovered by the police, who returned her to one of Gaga’s bodyguards.

Ryan was rushed to hospital after the incident, and is said to be in a “grave” condition.

It’s not yet clear whether they were specifically targeted by the shooters, however, the French bulldogs are each worth a substantial amount of money.

They can sell for anywhere between $1 500 – $3 000 on average, but those with a particularly sought-after pedigree have been known to sell for as much as $10 000.