Two V8 drivers in trouble for hitting two pupils

Two children are currently battling for their lives after they were knocked down by two V8 cars at Makessim.

The children, who were on their way to the Islamic Basic School, were crossing the road after a fleet of cars from both directions stopped for them.

However, the two V8 drivers simultaneously ignored a taxi driver’s warning of the children crossing and hit the innocent boys.

According to witnesses, the two drivers expected free passage due to their siren, but the cars ahead of them rather chose to respect the traffic light.

The two pupils were badly injured and were carried into the black V8 which transported them to the hospital, while the silver V8 drove behind.


In a new twist, the drivers promised to visit the children at the hospital, but after they were allowed to exit, nothing has been seen or heard from them.

Residents have vowed to deal mercilessly with the drivers if they show up for neglecting the children. They have also vowed to locate them to pay for their crime.