Frank Naro Jabs Wanlov And Sister Derby For Supporting LGBTQI In Ghana

Kumawood star cum Musician, Frank Naro has spoken against the right to allow Homosexuality to be legalized in the country.

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In reaction to several demands by the members of the LGBTQI to have the government give them the right to practice their sexuality without any stigmatization, Frank Naro stated that it has never been part of the Ghanaian culture to allow certain acts to be practiced in the country.

In an interview with Sammy Flex on the Agenda show on Zylofon FM, Frank Naro said; “I do not understand why a homosexual should sit somewhere and say that they have rights. Okay, fine. You have rights, but in Ghana, we have said we do not like it. So, just leave the country if that is what you truly want.”

However, he expressed his disappointments in Wanlov the Koborlor and his sister, Deborah Vanessa for throwing their weights behind the legalization of Homosexuality in Ghana.

“Someone who smokes weed also has rights. But does that mean we should leave them to smoke? No. We speak against that in Ghana. So, why are you telling us that you have a right to be gay?” he asked.

The Government of Ghana is currently at war with the members of LGBTQI members over their refusal to give them the rights to live among others with no shame.

Earlier, the President ordered for the closure of the LGBTQI office in Ghana.