Amewu apologises for ‘I will kill you all’ comment [Audio]

Amewu was hooted at by the NDC MPs

Minister-designate for Railways, John Peter Amewu, has rendered an unqualified apology for a comment he made in Parliament when the House turned chaotic on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

The Member of Parliament for Hohoe threatened to kill National Democratic Congress Members of Parliament who were seen hooting at him as he approaches their side in the midst of the chaos in Parliament.

“Tell them to come and demonstrate in Hohoe, they cannot dare, I will kill all of you,” he said.

But appearing before the Appointments Committee of Parliament, Mr Amewu said he did not mean the words he said, adding that he made such comments in a fit of rage.


“Mr Chairman, I want to withdraw that word unconditionally. My constituents are watching me. I am a peaceful man. Of course, the use of the word came out of overreaction which is one of the negative aspects of my life and so I am trying to work on that negative side of my life,” he said.