US, Ghana End BUSAC Fund Implementation

The US government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Danish International Development Agency (Danida) and the government have commemorated the completion of the implementation of the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund.

The event celebrated 16 years of strengthening the advocacy capacity of private sector business groups and associations in Ghana.

BUSAC Fund was a grant mechanism to support the Ghanaian private sector to advocate at local, regional, and national levels for changes in the legal and regulatory framework.

BUSAC grants enhanced the capacity of emerging and established business associations, trade unions, and business media to advocate effectively for improvements in Ghana’s business enabling environment.

US Ambassador to Ghana Stephanie S. Sullivan, Chief Director for the Ministry of Trade and Industry Patrick Nimo, and the Danish Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Tom Nørring delivered remarks at the virtual event.

Lauding the accomplishments of BUSAC, Ambassador Sullivan stated, “I would like to commend the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the former Ministry of Business Development for their roles in working with the governments of the United States and Denmark, as well as the Ghanaian business community, to promote important legal and regulatory changes that have positively affected so many business people and entrepreneurs.”

Since 2004, BUSAC has provided over 1,100 business advocacy and business development services grant worth almost $50 million to the private sector and farmer-based organizations in all regions of Ghana.

As a result of BUSAC’s support, private sector organizations are now able to present evidence-based arguments and dialogue with the public sector to find mutual solutions to enhance the business environment in Ghana.

From major changes to laws to streamline tax regulations advocated by the Association of Ghanaian Industries (AGI) to increased access to land advocated by women farmers in Upper West Region, the fund has contributed to improving the private sector in Ghana.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchire