‘Disregard For COVID-19 Protocols, Disobedience To God’

Reverend Dr. Harry Insaidoo

The immediate past Chairman of the Bible Society of Ghana, Reverend Dr. Harry Insaidoo, has urged Christians to religiously abide by the COVID-19 protocols which require the wearing of nose masks in all public places.

According to him, regular washing and sanitizing of hands as well as the keeping of social distancing are directives that should be adhered to since the teachings of Christianity dictate obedience to leaders who mean well for followers.

“If you say you are a Christian who believes in God’s protection and yet you cause the spread of the virus as a result of not abiding by the protocols, then you are disobedient to God.

“Any Christian who says COVID-19 is not real is stubborn as I have seen loved ones and people very dedicated to the worship of God succumb to the disease,” he indicated.

Rev. Insaidoo, who was the former Deputy General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, made the remarks during his 70th birthday celebration.

The ceremony was attended by close relatives and some heads of the North Kaneshie Assemblies of God Church.

Looking back at his active years in preaching the gospel, he said that the intent of serving God should not be to accumulate wealth but to obey his commandment.

He preached the need to show love by helping one another so as to fulfil the purpose of creation.

He further entreated all Ghanaians to engage in constructive politics that would inure to the benefit of future generations.

Emmanuel Mahama, a pastor at the North Kaneshie branch of the church described the retired pastor as a man who has touched the lives of many and for that reason prayed that he lived long to help more people even in his retirement.

By Issah Mohammed