Forgive him if he cheats and apologize – Panda Masson tells ladies » ™

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No man is perfect. Admit that! Perhaps reason the Christian Bible stressed much on repentance and forgiveness.

Thus, as far as one journeys through life especially matters about relationship, it’s likely one party will mess up, but with a heart of apology or repentance, all broken relationships can be repaired.

The above-mentioned reality has been captured in a song “Faky3 Me” by Panda Masson, the “Sika y3 Abtrante3” hitmaker fame.

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According to Panda Masson, ladies in relationships should be willing to accept their cheating boyfriends back if they apologize completely.

So, ladies, considering the words of Panda Masson, kindly give your guys second chance all the time especially if he cheats and comes back to apologize.

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