WATCH: World’s fastest tractor hits 247km/h

ELVINGTON, ENGLAND – Is ploughing your field proving to be a long and time-consuming slog? Well you might want to phone up JCB Tractors in the UK, whose modified farm machine has just broken the Guinness World Record for the World’s Fastest Tractor.

The man enlisted to do the deed is not quite what you’d call a farmer, but as a motorcycle racer, TV personality and all-round thrill seeker, Guy Martin was certainly a top candidate. He incidentally also holds the world records for the fastest snow sled and soapbox.

The new record formed part of his TV series called Speed with Guy Martin and it was actually the second time he’d broken the world record, with an attempt in June having achieved 166.79km/h.

Following further modifications to the vehicle, Martin returned recently to smash his own record by over 80km/h.