Lydia Forson mercilessly descends on troll who called her ‘obolo’

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has on countless occasions, proven that she is not the kind of person who would allow internet trolls to get the best of her in any way whatsoever.

The actress was recently attacked by an internet users after she posted the photo of a meal she was about to consume.


Reacting to the tweet, the twitter user, @MattAshi1 tweeted;

“No wonder you’re that fat”

Lydia Forson didn’t let the comment slide as she came for him with all she has. She ferociously tweeted back;

Thats your little d*ck and face talking. “Johnny Little” if  I’m not sitting on your face and you’re not f*cking me from behind; why so insecure? I’m sorry I make you feel this way” 


Lydia is one of the outspoken Ghanaian actress who constantly comments on the political and social issues in the country. She continues to advocate for gender equality and inclusivity amongst other social issues.