Fikile Mbalula Claps Back At Madea Comparisons


Fikile Mbalula Claps Back At Madea Comparisons! The former Minister is currently living his best life in Russia for the Foootball World cup but not everyone is happy for him back home.

Black twitter trolled Mbalula after he posted a selfie updating his followers on his trip. One twitter called him Madea tweeting Mbalula’s photo next to Made with the caption, “Madea Goes to Russia”.

Mbalula never being the one to let a troll get away clapped back asking how they can be hating on him whilst they can’t afford to get to Russia. Ouch!

“I don’t see how you can hate from outside Russia with y’all phoney Madea comparisons You can’t even get in Ha ha ha, Leggo,” he tweeted back. We have to admit, Mbalula is doing this twitter thing right.

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